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Antharis engages in the discovery and development of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) and antibody-drug conjugates as next-generation treatments for unmet medical needs.

Biological therapeutics can be more effective, specific, stable, and safer for patients relative to traditional medications; as such, they are rapidly revolutionizing multiple areas of medicine.

Antharis’ stance in creating the next generation of therapies is unique in at least three ways:

Biology reveals the best therapeutic targets

We use large-scale, unbiased screening strategies, allowing for disease to instruct us on the best therapeutic targets. The outcome of these leading-edge approaches is the identification of therapeutic targets that are directly relevant to our diseases of interest.

Innovative immunization methods enhance our success in developing therapies

We utilize optimized immunization strategies, including DNA-based methods, to significantly enhance the probability of creating antibodies that are selective to targets in their native conformations. This markedly increases our success rates in developing assets that are functionally relevant and, consequently, have marked therapeutic potential.

A new perspective to develop treatments and think about medicine

Unlike traditional companies, our medications do not target diseased cells and tissues (e.g., cancer cells and tumors), but are rather designed to harness the power of the immune system to combat disease. Immune cells have a dynamic and far superior capacity to combat disease relative to any static medication-targeting disease. Thus, our therapies engage healthy cells instead of targeting diseased ones.

At the core of Antharis’ commitment to developing transformative medicines for patients in need is the powerful combination of innovative antibody development strategies, creative science, passionate people, and cutting-edge technologies. The use of antibodies to harness and unleash the full power of the immune system holds unparalleled potential to treat a wide array of medical conditions for which there are currently no satisfactory treatment alternatives. We trust antibody therapeutics hold tomorrow’s breakthroughs in healthcare.