Antharis Therapeutics: Immuno-Oncological Approach to Cancer Treatment


Antharis Therapeutics: Immuno-Oncological Approach to Cancer Treatment


The pharmaceutical industry is currently witnessing a growing trend of developing advanced biotherapeutics to treat severe diseases like cancer and neurological disorders. This is primarily due to the recognition that certain biotherapeutics can offer superior and safer alternatives to small-molecule medications. Antharis Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company, stands at the forefront of this shift, where it develops monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) to treat cancer.

“In my view, the future of the pharmaceutical sector will rely heavily on biotherapeutics, in particular monoclonal antibodies, as they tend to exhibit superior effectiveness in treating disease and elevated safety for patients, among numerous other benefits,” says Dr. Raphael Ribeiro-Pinaud, CEO and Chairman of Antharis Therapeutics.

Compared to other companies that work in oncology, Antharis’ approach to cancer treatment is immuno-oncological. Specifically, the company’s medications do not directly and necessarily target cancer cells and tumors but rather enhance the immune system’s capacity to dynamically combat cancer. The mAbs that compose Antharis’ unparalleled pipeline modulate immune cells to improve their ability to identify and eliminate diseased cells. Furthermore, each therapy provides a mechanistically unique and effective means of combating multiple types of cancer via compound action at multiple stages of disease progression.

Antharis’ distinctive approach to tackling disease is complemented by leading-edge technologies that the company has developed and utilized to build one of the largest and most comprehensive portfolios of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in the sector.

In particular, the company uses modern immunization techniques, including DNA-based immunizations, as well as cloning and screening methods that increased its success rate in obtaining therapeutic antibodies by nearly 1-2 orders of magnitude relative to traditional approaches.

In addition to its innovative strategies and technology, Antharis has the advantage of a multidisciplinary team of seasoned scientists from various academic backgrounds, such as immunology, cancer biology, as well as molecular and cell biology. Dr. Ribeiro Pinaud’s extensive experience in science, financial markets, and management of liquid and illiquid biotech and pharma investments enables him to guide the company and manage its risks uniquely. His expertise has been instrumental in helping Antharis commercially develop and advance its assets, as well as in strategically acquiring companies that leverage Antharis’ operations to maximize its strategic successes.

The future of the pharmaceutical sector will rely heavily on biotherapeutics, as they tend to exhibit superior effectiveness in treating disease and elevated safety for patients

Although Antharis was founded by Dr. Ribeiro-Pinaud as a preclinical company, a very successful Series A in 2022 brought in qualified investors and recently led to the decision to transform it into a clinical company. In addition, its recent acquisition of Cassyni Biopharma, a company that developed mAbs for inflammatory and infectious diseases, has expanded Antharis’ mandate and interests to four of the main subsectors in biopharma — oncology, neurological disorders, infectious and inflammatory diseases. Finally, in order to structure Antharis’ transition from a preclinical to a clinical company, a few months ago, Dr. Ribeiro-Pinaud also led the acquisition of Galileo Biotech, a GMP-certified mAb facility that will manufacture Antharis’ antibodies and expand its R&D operations, all with unmatched economic efficiency.

Antharis Therapeutics’ success in the pharmaceutical space is attributed to its innovative approach, unparalleled scientific expertise, visionary leadership, and the commitment of its employees. Through its emphasis on strengthening the body’s immune system against cancerous cells, the company has been changing the landscape of the future of cancer research and treatment.

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