Antharis Therapeutics Acquires Galileo Biotech


Antharis Therapeutics Acquires Galileo Biotech


SAN DIEGO—Antharis Therapeutics, a four-year-old biopharmaceutical company developing a leading portfolio of oncology and neurology-related immunotherapeutics, today announced the completion of its acquisition of Galileo Biotech (São Paulo, Brazil). This exciting acquisition includes X additional employees and X square feet of state-of-the-art GMP-certified laboratory space. The combination with Galileo grows Antharis’ capabilities for advancing its portfolio of assets. It provides GMP-certified facilities to support research, development and manufacturing as therapeutic assets move toward clinical trials. The conclusion of this transaction -- the company's second acquisition in as many years -- keeps Antharis on track for the potential of explosive growth. The deal further highlights Antharis' position at the leading edge of biotechnology -- generating high-potential biological assets for the treatment of unmet medical needs in multiple therapeutic classes.

“The acquisition of Galileo is another major milestone for Antharis. We are now positioned to pursue clinical validation of our significant portfolio of assets to patients globally,” said Dr. Raphael Ribeiro-Pinaud, CEO of Antharis Therapeutics. “Seeing Galileo join the Antharis family of companies speaks to the vision we had in creating Galileo and to the therapeutic importance of what Antharis is achieving,” said Emmanuel Hermann, CEO & Founder of Leste Group and primary Galileo investor. Antharis leverages its state-of-the-art platform for the discovery, characterization, and validation of monoclonal antibody assets across the oncology and neurology therapeutic areas. The company’s unique approach to immunotherapy and highly specialized platform has successfully validated in vivo assets at a significantly higher rate than the industry norm. This has allowed Antharis to grow one of the largest preclinical portfolios of monoclonal antibody assets in the industry. Antharis, which is actively expanding its workforce, will begin pre-IND work on a selection of assets this year. For additional information, please contact


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